V. Pudeyev

About Me

I am a software engineer residing in the Bay Area.


I am a software engineer (mid-senior level) currently residing in the Bay area. I have been a professional in the web development industry since late zeroes. I have experience building modern web applications using such tools as are effectively applied to building modern web applications.


University of Michigan in Ann Arbor - Linguistics B.A., 2009

Current Employment

Wasya Co. - South Bay Area

2013-06 –
Senior Software Engineer
  • Various engineering/management tasks.

Past Employment

Note: The majority of employers listed below hired me as a contractor, hence the short span of projects lengths.

ITU - International Technological University

2013-07 - 2013-09
Senior Software Engineer
  • Was a lead role in designing, developing, and integrating a software product into the suit of functionality of the university.
  • Worked closely with a team of 7 people.
  • Revamped TDD, significantly contributed to the project management workflow, introduced modularity of UI/UX, upgraded Ruby libraries in use to the near-newest versions, contributed to the long-term extensibility and maintainability of the university's software offering.

Using the following technologies:

  • AWS, EC2, S3, Rackspace, RoR 2, RoR 3, Ruby 1.8.7, Ruby 1.9.3, Unicorn, Passenger, New Relic
  • SASS, HAML, TDD, Pivotal Tracker, Twitter Bootstrap
  • Capistrano, Chef, Devops, disaster recovery, scripting/automation, other
  • References from this employer available upon request to the right inquirer
  • More detailed list of technologies available upon request

SignVOX (by TechVOX) – Palo Alto, CA

2013-03 – 2013-05
Senior Software Engineer
  • Contributed to the development of http://signvox.com using Ruby on Rails stack.

Goji – San Francisco, CA

2013-03 – 2013-05
Software Engineer / Devops Engineer
  • Contributed to the development of http://www.gojiaccess.com/ using Ruby on Rails stack, deployed to Heroku.


2011-06 - 2011-07
Software Engineer

Developed an internal tool for screen-scraping content. Wrote a web crawler that traversed a Java-based CMS and put the content into the form suitable for the CMS being developed.

  • Using Ruby, Rails, Rack, Selenium, TDD to answer technical goals.

Computational Arts Corp.

CAC http://akqa.com Founder and CEO Software Engineer 2009-03 - 2013-02 2011-08 - 2013-02
  • Managed a distributed team of 16 people
  • Facilitated integration of development effort, design effort, and content accumulation effort.
  • Conducted project management from whiteboard to completion for several projects.
  • Performed tasks on multiple levels: accounting, legal, HR, marketing, project management, and web development.
  • Maintained and expanded on existing codebases, performed bug fixes and updates
  • Assisted in code reviews, deployments, and establishing naming conventions
  • Worked with technical managers, other developers and the creative department to bring projects from whiteboard to completion

Contributed to the following projects / clients:

Using the following technologies:

  • AWS, EC2, S3, VPC, Rackspace, Engine Yard, Joyent
  • Linux, BSD, Nagios, Apache, HAproxy, Capistrano, Opscode Chef
  • Ruby on Rails, Unicorn, Passenger, MySQL, MongoDB, Git, SVN, HTML/CSS, HTML5, JS, Jasmine, Backbone, Node
  • Google Maps API, Facebook API, Scrum, XP, Agile, TDD, BDD

Mediatec Publishing Inc.

2009-08 – 2011-03
Web Developer

Performed business analysis to answer stakeholders' needs. Made a range of improvements to the developers' environments, including:

  • introduction of test-driven development & iterative development
  • switching from Dreamweaver to IDEs (Netbeans and Eclipse)
  • introduction of version control (SVN)

Made major contributions to rewriting and modernizing company applications:

  • Introduced object-relational mapping (ORM) layer
  • Implemented an extensive data migration strategy
  • Automated deployments (converted from FTP-based to SVN-based deployments)
  • Suggested and implemented the use of an MVC (CakePHP)
  • Using Python, Java, bash, sch, PHP

Reduced Printing

2009-05 - 2009-08
Web Developer
  • Developed and maintained sites using Joomla. Wrote HTML/CSS, JS, and PHP for production websites
  • Performed Linux admin, installation, and deployment tasks
  • Worked with the stake holders to refine technical requirements
  • Performed business analysis for expanding an online business (in print media industry)
  • Performed business assessment and analysis for starting a new online business (in fashion industry)
  • Effectively communicated managerial decisions to the designers team
  • Was instrumental in setting up development environments
  • Facilitated integration of design and development efforts in a 5-persons team. Was responsible for the team meeting the stakeholders' objectives.

Shei Magazine

2008-09 - 2009-02
  • Contributed to creation of the website using HTML/CSS and JavaScript.


2008-09 - 2009-04
  • Composed questions for the linguistic olympiad
  • Translated a number of resources from Russian to English
  • Managed some online and off-line resources (websites, data sets, users, corpora)


Available Upon Request