Major Personal Tools

Some of the tools that I continuously use and revise to achieve even better productivity

The Major tools, as opposed to Minor Personal Tools, require a greater time commitment to use.

The calendar

Very important. Mark off successful days on the calendar. Do not mark an unsuccessful day. Mark off tasks that were done on this day. I call list of done tasks sow (statement of work), although the term is actually misused here. (A statement of work outlines deliverables; since what I have succeeded in accomplishing on any day isn’t a deliverable,  maybe “sow” is a wrong word to describe it.)

Communication Channels

I am strict on what channels of communication are opened to whom. I use Slack extensively; for real-time business communication. Alerts are implemented in slack. I have multiple slack channels, one or more per project/client. My primary communication channel is email. I have three: business, personal and one more that’s a test/discard email.

Email is extremely important. Slack is important.

  • dropbox gives me continuous backup
  • boilerplate for dealing with HR: rejection letters, continuation letters, inquiry letters
  • accounting: basic accounting documents
  • the bezel on my watch, the pomodoro technique
  • on lying: being able to lie is important. Unfortunately I’m not very good at it. I should practice.
  • on travel: it clears my head, it’s what I live for, but it introduces panic. When I’m back, it takes forever to acclimate.

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