Playing Fortnite and its Relation to Other Activities

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Let’s briefly talk about Fortnite playing and how it applies to overall personal development. I like it a lot and I feel it helps me improve in other areas of involvement, I don’t just do it to spend free time.

Fortnite is a modern game, kids play it. It is insanely fast, you have to have snap judgement and really quick reaction time. I think it’s a modern thing to have fast judgement; you can practice fast judgement in this game.

It’s stateless; meaning other than your skill, nothing gets carried over from one battle to the next. You can carry only 5 items and I think that’s really elegant. When doing any task, you kind of want to be “in the now” for it, not burdened with anything from the past. There are no burdens in Fortnite; just the skill development.

It’s definitely skill-based. Everyone is equal, you can’t buy better weapons or a better character. The competition is nice and fair.

There is a lot of mechanics and a lot of learn, and it’s a complete environment. You can study all aspects of mechanics to be successful. The game is a little self-container world, and you can operate in it and be competitive fairly. It’s a simile on life in general 😉

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