Time Management When Interviewing

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If I just make myself available on the market, I will be bombarded with so much communication that it will take quite literally all of my time. What mechanisms are in place for effective time management?

It would be nice to have a personal assistant that takes off some load of talking on the phone for me. I can outsource some of the talking to english-speaking people in other countries, and they can talk all they want with my recruiters. I would actually call that a sales team.

You have to have a LinkedIn profile, and it has to look good and be fairly accurate. I have received too much attention on linkedin, and so I disabled notifications. If someone messages me on linkedin, I won’t find out until I manually check it. An overwhelming majority of messages on linkedin are from recruiters, and you really have to take control of your own time and availability when communicating with them – they won’t moderate your own availability for you.

My favourite methods of communication are phone, email, and slack. As a reminder, there are filters you can setup in email so that you get to chose what you see and what you don’t see. You can setup filters such that emails from certain companies get tagged and archived, and you decide if/when you read them. For example, there are two ways to not receive emails from Linkedin: disable notifications on Linkedin, or setup an email filter so that such notifications get archived. Certain groups do you allow you to unsubscribe from communication from them, but remember, you always have control of what communication you receive and what messages you get exposed to. It’s your right to privacy.

Phone is for close friends and people I care about. By phone I mean whatsapp, phone and sms. Don’t post your phone number online! It’s asking for a disaster.

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