Tools: motivation velocity

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One of the tricks is to gain motivation velocity. (You need to use Belief trait to enable this.) When you know you want/need to increase your operational speed and focus, but it’s difficult for you to focus on the specific problem at hand (it’s a bias – see #Catch22.5, where you literally cannot work on the one thing you need to work on). Then, do something that is (a) unrelated, and (b) you can do pretty easily. Maybe something physical – like working out for 5 minutes, if you have your mobile workout setup (See #MobileWorkout). I usually find that I can carry the focus from the simpler task, to the more difficult one.

Also, this process can be long-term. You can help yourself for the current task at hand, but also doing this consistently for months and years will have a different kind of benefit: a unique flexibility in directing your focus.

I also find it useful to rotate 3 tasks (I’m researching the optimal number of tasks). That is, when you are doing one task and get stuck, switch to the other task for a while, and then switch back to the first one. Maybe two tasks “at once” (but see #NoMultitasking for a corollary) is ideal? Maybe 3 or 4? Maybe it depends on the person. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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