Case Study :: Creek Enterprise

Wasya Co was retained by Creek Enterprise for development of their next-generation Subcontractor Management Tool (SMT).

Creek Enterprise is an engineering and construction services company. They operate nationally, mostly in the Midwest, building infrastructure and providing other engineering services for their clients. They are headquartered in Tecumseh, MI.

Managing subcontractors to do construction is a challenging task. Each site can have dosens of workers, dosens of jobs, numerous equipment to be tracked, materials, and personel to be accounted for. They have used a python-based solution for the last 10 years, which although adequate has become outdated, and in order for the company to maintain its competitive advantages, the decision was made to write a next-generation management tool. Wasya Co was contracted to do the work.

The team was always very agile, small and fast-moving. I acted as the principal full-stack engineer, and Zach was the designer and a business liason. There were two decisionmakers / stakeholders on the project, making business decisions. The project took about a year to compete.

By the end of the work, the new system has been implemented, with a number of features that were missing in the old system. The new system is flexible enough that new feature requests were easily accomodated and implemented. The deployment process was automated, making iterative development possible. Multiple performance metrics and analytics were implemented, giving the business a good view into both performance of the tool, and performance of projects and subcontractors the work of who the tool facilitates.

Currently, the main development is complete and the project is in maintenance mode: security updates, bugfixes, and occasional feature requests are being done.

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