Need a javascript / typescript programmer

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I'm looking for a JavaScript / TypeScript developer. Specifically, to write in this framework: Familiarity with Angular.js and git is required. Familiarity with node.js and typescript is desired. The job is writing functionality, using agile incremental development methodology, for a hybrid PWA that is published to the web, android, and ios platforms.

In your response, please answer the following questions:

1. what is 12+3/7?
2. what is your OS, what text editor do you use?
3. how do you resolve a git merge conflict?
4. in Angular, what is a component, and what is a service?
5. how do you iterate over (or render) a list in an angular template? Hint: I'm looking for a use example of a specific directive.

Thanks! I look forward to reading your responses.

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