mockups :: cities-show

I’m looking for a designer to make a single page, cities-show, that will be incorporated into a web portal for travelers. This job is for mockup only – no HTML/CSS, no coding.

In your response, please answer the questions in this job posting (required):

This is the wireframe that needs to be converted to the mockup:

The sections are: header, hero image, submenu, newsfeed. The submenu links are: News, Photos, Places, Events. The first item in the submenu (news) is highlighted with a bottom border.

The newsfeed consists of three types of news items: (1) a gallery, (2) a video, and (3) a report.

  • The gallery newsitem has a card with Title and Meta Line (date, author) and several cards each containing a full-screen photo
  • The video newsitem has the full-screen video, title, and meta line.
  • The report newsitem has the title, meta line, and short paragraph

Here are some additional wireframes of the new


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