Rails requirement :: setup, ish_manager/galleries-index_title

The setup is pretty difficult. The main app is microsites3 ( https://github.com/piousbox/microsites3 ) and it uses three gems: https://github.com/piousbox/microsites3/blob/master/Gemfile#L31 So, 4 repos. You should probably fork them. Maybe in the future it’ll all be moved back in one repo, maybe not. I don’t know. Right now the work spans 4 repos. The models are separate; management app is separate; api is separate, and the app putting it all together.

The first task is to set it up locally so you can login to http://localhost:3000 . You need to install mongodb. You can use docker or vagrant for all of this, if you know how to do it in docker.

The first task will be to write a single test in ish_manager (tests/dummy app is the testing app inside that repo).

The next task will be to create a managerial view that lists *all* galleries, without *any* thumbnails.

And I have a few other tasks in mind. But first, let’s set it up. Please ask me questions as they arise, in the setup process.

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