GameUI Market analysis (10 ways to evaluate the market)

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  1. urgency: 1, not urgent. People have done well with publishing platforms so far, and there is nothing that makes innovation in this space urgent.
  2. market size: 7-8, content publishing is a big thing. Anyone who publishes, can benefit from accessing a freemium platform, that gets them paid.
  3. pricing: 6-8. The platform can’t be expensive, and it only targets people’s disposable income. On the other hand, it is a platform, and taking 10-20% of every transaction is quite a lot.
  4. cost to aquire customers: 4-5, it can happen organically, but a significant effort may be needed to get to a place where a lot of people know about the platform.
  5. cost of delivery: 10, it’s very cheap and we are very skilled at technology
  6. uniqueness: 9, it’s unique
  7. speed to market: 8-9, let’s make it quick or bust!
  8. up-front investment: 9, the idea is to reach $1 in revenue right away, and break even asap
  9. up-sell potential: 8-9, we can introduce all sorts of things
  10. evergreen potential: 8-9, we can pivot rapidly

Totals: 70-77. The idea should be pursued. Maybe this score needs to be revised. Thoghts?