Marketing person needed


Marketing person needed. WasyaCo is a software consultancy, targeting small and medium-sized enterprises. In its ongoing effort to maintain competitive edge, several sales and marketing initiatives are carried out: email campaigns, generally improving web presence, running advertising campaigns, and generating organic, viral interest and brand recognition.

This position is for an entry- to mid-level marketing person to perform tasks relating to online marketing. The successful candidate will have familiarity with most of the following:

* creating and running email campaigns
* creating and running digital advertisement campaigns
* increasing brand recognition and web presence
* advising on expanding to new marketing channels
* accessing performance of advertising campaigns

In your cover letter, please answer the following questins:
* what is 12 + 7 / 9?
* how many years of experience do you have in marketing?
* what is the most technically sophisticated marketing campaign that you contributed to? Please describe in detail
* please attach or link your resume

WasyaCo is a fair, equal opportunity employer.