March 2021 Covid update


Hmm this ^ graphic fromĀ looks promising to me today, last days of February 2021. Although deaths are higher than ever, world-wide cases are on the decline. This wave, the two new variants (from UK and from South Africa) may have peaked this past december-january. It would be good news if it did. We’ll see. If daily deaths world-wide will decline in the next 2 weeks, it will be a good indicator that this current wave has peaked.

We haven’t gotten worse at washing our hands, the lockdown fatigue is not what’s driving this wave. This third wave is clearly driven by the virus mutations, by the fact that it’s more transmissible now and equally deadly.

As someone else mentioned, it does look like a perma-war in some respects. However, I am personally optimistic of the impact vaccines will have in hear-short term on the pandemic. Even if 50% of americans are unwilling to take it, in the next few months the vaccine should be able to be administered to the general population, and from then on I really expect covid to be on decline. I will hope for a quick return to normal then.