A review of online brokerages

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Ally invest

I have to say not so good things about these guys. Ally bank has bad reputation, and Ally Invest… well, they would go down with error code 500 every day during the darkest days of the pandemic… People could not more their positions, could not exit. I stopped using Ally completely, withdrew all my money from them, and hope to not come back. But they may fix their platform in the future – who knows.

Additionally, I really didn’t like how when trading options, they default you to a ticker, specifically AAPL. Looks like illegal advertisement to me.


I’m writing this in February 2021 so everyone already knows to use a real broker instead of Robinhood. However, RH was instrumental in bringing cost to trade to zero. All brokerages has to follow suit and stop charging for placing orders. I consider that a very nice modern development, courtesy Robinhood. Still though, their behavior during GME squeeze implies that we should never use Robinhood.


I don’t have much experience with them so I don’t have much to say. They seem nice.


They seem nice

TD Ameritrade

I use them extensively – but only because they acquired Scottrade. TD Ameritrade seems nice. They have been acquired by Schwab already


They seem nice


I heard horror stories – the platform enters you in an automatic stop position and closes your position on a swing, without your authorization. No way to cancel. I cannot recommend using them.

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