A farewell to superstonk


Hey everybody, what’s up. I’m here since Pink got banned from superstonk, and it’s unfortunate in that SS died in my eyes today – like wsb, and r/gme did a while ago. Actually, SS half-died for me with the announcements of “no brigading” rules, which is effectively censorship, but now especially so. I’m expecting the narrative at SS to become increasingly controlled, by whoever the cabal players are that control the narrative.

Don’t forget: SHF’s are extremely powerful organizations, full of talented, hardworking people who get paid a lot! Add the secret ingredient to this, and you can see it’s very hard for them to lose. Did they lose in january? No even, no.

Our strategy has not changed: buy, hodl, vote/shop. But we are losing our communication channels. I’m nowhere as smart, dedicated to this, or available time-wise to do any sort of DD. I have been saving DD I consider insightful, and reading up, educating myself. It saddens me that I might not be able to get access to such excellent information going forward. Even though, the DD has been done, the work has been done.

Anyway, the point I’d like to make here is, an anti-no-brigading point. Everyone should be subscribed to several communication channels, in case one or more of them fail. I’ve read some really good DD on the not popular sub r/ddintogme and I’d like to recommend it to everyone. Go subscribe to both! And while we’re on the topic, the sub r/deepfuckingvalue is interesting, although for me less so.

That’s all I wanted to share with y’all. We’re going into the weekend, nothing happened this week, our communication channels are under attack and buckling in, and SHF’s seem to be as strong as ever. Our strategy hasn’t changed. Make your own decisions, verify all info, especially from free sources. Do not put in more than you can afford to lose. See you on the moon 🙂

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