Gamestop eSports effort verified on Twitter (L@@k!)

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Gamestop’s eports effort / division is verified…

Gamestop’s eports effort / division is verified on Twitter and it is 2 months old. Of course, no official news from the corporate. Official news don’t do anything, because the effect of the news is immediately offset by algorithms. There was due diligence about it. Every uptick is countered by a downtick, algorithms just absorb the effects of the news. In any event, RC said: judge them by their actions, not by their words. A transformation takes years. Suppose we’ve been holding for 7 months now, so what?

Remember way back in 2012 or so, there would be news about facebook every day? MSM would not stop talking about Facebook for more than a year, every day, finding new angles on this and that, how it applies to Facebook? Year 2023 may be like that. When Gamestop takes on Amazon for *all* electronics, and merges with Toys R Us, and takes on storytelling via stop-action Lego worlds, and absorbs the toy industry (a neglected market), and becomes the defacto place for eSports tournaments, and whatever they’re brewing with NFT’s comes around, and … I don’t even know what else Gamestop is doing, the transformation is very very nascent. It’s not just power to the players, it’s power to the creators. And power to the collectors. ( )

It may take mainstream media more than a year to cover the developments that are occurring just this year – yet they are silent. One can only imagine the explosion that this penned-in force may cause.

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