NSCC-2021-010: A little too little, a little too late


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So this is their version of Reverse Repos for Hedge Funds.

Very simply, they are gonna take stocks from a HF and give them the dollar amount. Straight exchange? And they will charge them interest the longer they need to hold onto their stocks.

For example, Shitadel gets hit with the Godzilla of Marge Calls. They can’t make payment. What they originally would do is cash in all their long investments when they get liquidated. ie. Tesla, or Apple. They hold so many shares of the company that it would pretty much crash Tesla and Apple. And others. They would crash them so bad that it would be a Mike Tyson combo to the Stock Market. That may send it crashing. At best it would be a Knock Down. The economy would be slow to recover. There would be damage. Probably a Recession. At worst it would be a Knock Out. Something worse than The Great Depression. It would be devastating to the American Economy with fallout world-wide.

But instead they would take all their Tesla and Apple stocks for safe keeping and give them the cash value. Then they give us that money. In theory this may stop the HF from being liquidated and also save the stocks and the stock market as well. As many speculators have said, a win-win for everyone.

Sorry pals. A little to little, a little too late. You government and finance guys realize that HF’s have been making billions of dollars per month. Billions. And billion upon billions of dollars per year. Trillions. Banks have held unethical and frankly, disgusting seminars on why it is not profitable to find cures for diseases. Not profitable. I want you guys to really think about this with a conscience. Really think about what I just wrote. For once, let your humanity do the speaking. Don’t even THINK about putting this in a ‘business’ mindset…

I will stop there with the emotion. This is not about revenge. This is about opportunity. Money. Like back in 2008, a small group of people came out very rich from the debauchery of that time. And all they did was look. Well, I am looking right now. So are probably millions of others.

We see the carnival of fuckery, of greed that has been perpetuated by the Hedge Funds. Citadel, Point 72, Susquehanna and others, have hedge against and destroyed up and coming companies in the past, many of them on the forefront of advancing humanity, but cutting the profit to be made due to their advancements. By shorting and destroying these companies and their technology and advancements they made billions of dollars of profit.

They may even have spokespeople like Jim Cramer (need to mention his name) who has told us ‘Take the home run. Don’t go for the Grand Slam. Take the home run!’ This guy urged us just to cash in now and take a small profit.

No. Because we all watched as these hedge funds connived and planned to take GME for every cent they were worth. Every penny. They did not stop at dollars. They could have and won, but they wanted GME down to pennies.

No. Now I have executed my actions in a way that will guarantee me extreme profits. Profits in the billions. Just like Hedge Funds. There is no difference. What they did in the past and are doing now I have done the same. With one difference. I am supporting a company I have believed in for my entire life. And I have done it right. I have everything in place for a Grand Slam. And I am taking it. It is my opportunity and decision to make.

And once again I am sure my actions are not kept isolated to myself. I know there are millions of others whom have seen the illegal actions of the hedgefunds. Like myself, they looked.

I myself will extract billions of dollars from the system. I will be owed that amount. Just me. That is not counting the millions of others that have no doubt seen this very situation.

So NSCC-2021-010 is too little, too late. You are like a 100 foot high wall protecting wealthy property against the ocean. But there is a 100 mile high tidal wave coming…

Edit#1: I am aware there are many agencies perusing these forums. Please take note: I mentioned news of this GME situation is getting out to the general public. Intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the US financial system is being picked apart and disseminated to the entire world to see. FOMO is happening and spreading like wildfire. I believe it is building quickly to become the worst-case scenario to all agencies involved. It is approaching the point of no return, when Ragnarok will be unleashed upon the financial world. Release control of the MOASS. Do it now. Or you may be forced government intervention on the financial world. In all these years, in all these short squeezes that action has never been taken before. It is a huge unknown. That action alone can be just as devastating in its own way. Let the MOASS happen. Let me take my gains. That will be the end of it. To draw this out longer is to unleash mounting damage to the US stock market, to your financials, and the country as more people begin to realize just how much profit can be made as they read through the findings. This situation is now on an exponential curve of discovery. Every day this gets that much worse. Know that this is not a threat in any way shape or form. But you created this situation. Allowed this monster to grow unchecked, bereft of all forms of regulation.. You are now realizing that was a horrible decision. Grown men and women whom wear greed on their sleeves cannot be counted on to control themselves. And now control is nearly gone…

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