On Risk (in the non-financial sense)

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Gary Gensler said this recently in his written testimony:

And that struck me, I thought it elegant. I googled that and it doesn’t come up as a widely used aphorism, but that doesn’t matter to me because I can just agree with the saying. You see, I’ve adopted a different saying, in technology:

“Every change is a risk, and every risk is a cost.” – me

Well, now you have the opposite side of the coin: the longer a change is not made, the more risk you incur, because waiting on making the change is also risk, if time=risk. So that mentally completes the picture for me: you balance two risks, that of a delay, and that of implementing.  Minimizing total risk (of the implementation) should drive the decision to do or not so something, and when and also how.

That’s all I really wanted to share on this specific aphorism.

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