$GME moving from S&P 600 to S&P 400 may have a bearish or neutral effect on the price

…and other rambling opinions

I copy-pasted the argument on my own blog because… I’m not saying my blog is more reliable than reddit, but if you’re on reddit you may as well read on your own and not go to my blog at all, right? So here’s the thesis and some data to substantiate this point. It’s in a separate post because none of the copyright there is mine: S&P Small Cap to Mid Cap Shift. <- so read that instead of my ramblings below. Now, the ramblings.

On the state of Reddit

I still think reddit is the best social network out there, but there are growing concerns about censorship and partisanship there. Also, the communications disruptions / skirmishes, and outright information warfare with paid shills and such and deliberate misinformation on that platform, is more pronounced than ever. [r/]wallstreetbets is gone, it’s no longer a source of good information, only poison. Go to the old wsb if you wanna get pumped and dumped like with SLV, RKT or dogecoin, and to get distracted, and your judgement clouded.

[r/]superstonk is compromised as well. I am convinced that their bot Satori is a censorship mechanism at best, and and a Watson-powered AI that tries to front-run Apes’ own sentiment, at worst. The current distributed structure of GME discussion constitutes three subreddits: DDintoGME+GME+GMEJungle  (you can bookmark and read the three of them combined).

There have been reports of information disappearing from reddit (“due diligence” aka “deep dives”, specifically), and DD’s not being search-able. There is also very much focus dilution: although compiled lists of DD are curated, a lot of them are so huge you don’t want to read them, or include things I would not include. I would barely include any TA (technical analysis), for example, but it occupies a significant place in the subreddits.

On the $GME transition to mid-cap S&P index

It looks like that will provide no upward price pressure! Now unfortunate.

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