On some correlated asset price movements


Remember how the idea was right after the moass to immediately buy back into cheap(er) assets. Cheap because all the valuations would tank, when Gamestop spikes. Well, you are seeing it already, although backwards. First valuations of some things sink, then Gamestop goes up a little bit. In today’s particular case, gold and siver took a little bit of a dive on a Sunday.

Huh? In ape-speak, wat doin’ SLVR? If you remember, way back in the day, in February, where was a little SLVR pump and dump powered by some weaponized social media. I remember that time because that was the death of [r/]wallstreetbets . It’s been compromised ever since, it’s a perfect place for beginner investors to get brainwashed. The apes survived, however.

Previously there was a seeming sinking of all crypt0, notably bitcoin and ethereum. Like last month BTC was at under $30K, which is crazy. It’s back to $41K at this time. And honestly I believe that Bitcoin will sink again. They aren’t done selling it to cover some running expenses.

It will get more interesting when assets to be liquidated will be not containers of value (gold and the “millenial gold” are, after all, commodities and containers of value), but other things.

Hey, throw a currency under the bus! I’m just kidding.

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