Prelude to the Great Uno Reversal: GameStop posts job listing for Director of Financial Systems



This is different from Director of Finance which is exactly what you would expect, merchandising and how the company spends its money. Director of Financial Systems: “…Drive visibility on process improvement opportunities that facilitate the success of a world class accounting and finance organization.” and “Assess and obtain relevant stakeholder buy in on the impact of proposed process/systems changes on the internal control and SOX key control environments.” Experience in progressive accounting required. Their Preferred section reads like an ape honor code btw.

I’m slowly putting together a DD but my tits are jacked because I sure think GameStop’s “one and only” NFT is going to be tied to the worth of the company, then fractionalized and paired as a unit to current shares. [After all, their billion dollar positive net balance is basically them holding our money to use on business ventures that will make more money to return to us.] Squeeze happens. New class of millionaires overnight. Apes stake their new money in E T H’s [environmentally sustainable] Proof-of-Stake system instead of using centralized banks, not only because of principle but because it will give a nice 8% earnings while the stock market tumbles and inflation eats away at the USD.

Sounds a lot like Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock aka the world’s largest investment management and who the US Gov tapped to clean up the mess of the GFC, directly telling CEOs that net zero “demands a transformation of the entire economy” and the “fundamental reallocation of capital” [Read the whole letter, it’s great.]

Couldn’t wait to put this up but more coming soon

Edit: I wanted to highlight the stakeholder buy-in because they are really focused on stakeholders, that’s not proof of anything itself

Editt: Wild speculation but maybe this is what DFV was pointing to in his ATM/Bank of America tweet. BoA ATM logo blurred out, GameStop logo above the ATM…

Edittt: hot take, MOASS being delayed because the infrastructure bill (they’re trying to sneak in a provision to treat miners/stakers as brokers)

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