I solved the “high score” tweet and can relate RC’s newest tweet to it. GameStop’s “high score” was 9 million set by RC. Apes just beat it.


Edit:I have learned that this idea has been thought of before. I thought this was an original idea. I did the writing, but did not solve anything. I am leaving this up for discussion purposes, but I am not trying to steal work. If someone finds the original post please let me know so I can link it.

Edit 2: You know it’s a goodin when the shills be chatting you. Thanks for the confirmation 🙂

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Not financial advice, all of this was thought of during glue huffing night, which is every night…and morning….and afternoon….and maybe right now.

I have figured out the high score tweet and I can prove why. I can even relate it to Ryan Cohen’s most recent tweet.

I know, I know, this is old news and we have new things to speculate on, but here me out. I’ve seen theories about how the high score is for the most DRS shares in one transaction, the most done by retail, it’s the repo score, and so on. I can prove (or at least give reason) why those are wrong. Scroll to bottom for results.

When you are the first player of an arcade game or it has been recently reset, you get to see the default high scores. Usually, they aren’t crazy high, maybe 100,000 is the top high score. You’ll see why this important soon.

Let’s look at GameStop before Ryan Cohen (RC), DFV, the sneeze, and apes. There were retail traders who invested in GameStop, some may have DRS their shares. I bet every year GameStop could expect to see a range of X -Y retail DRS shares. Now, if you expect to get a certain result, you might consider that the default. It’s a given to get this many shares based on the data trend.

Back to video games. The game is called GameStop. How do apes score points? DRS shares. How do apes beat the game? DRS all the shares. What are those low default scores that were mentioned before? Whatever amount of DRS shares was before Ryan Cohen. It was probably low since Ryan Cohen could come in and buy a large percentage of shares. The default score are always low.

Personally, I don’t consider the default score as a high score. Most times you can either beat a default high score or get pretty close to beating the lowest. A real person has to get on the board for it to be a real high score.

So we have a real person on the board (literally) for GameStop. Ryan Cohen beat the default score and set a new high score of 9 million. Now there is a real high score.

Here’s where it all comes together. GameStop announced a new high score because apes just beat Ryan Cohen’s score.

To add more support to my theory, it makes sense that Ryan Cohen just tweeted “talk is cheap, it takes money to buy whiskey”. This is an old phrase about working hard to do what you said you were going to do.

Apes have been saying they own the float. Talk is cheap, it takes money to buy whiskey. How the fuck do apes own the float? Ryan Cohen hasn’t recalled his shares. Apes have to work hard to do what they said they would. Apes only beat the high score not the game. Apes still have work to do. The job is not done.

I will now disprove or give reasons against the two main theories I have seen. If there are other theories please let me know.

One theory is that the high score is based on a large retail DRS transaction. What retail trader owns the most shares? Mr. NotaCat, DFV with 200,000 shares. Am I suppose to believe that the person who memed the GME saga just figured out how to DRS shares five (5) days ago? I’m suppose to believe there are apes who DRSed their shares before the person who saw the whole thing coming? Maybe, but not likely.

The other theory I have seen is that the score is based on the most retail DRS shares GameStop has ever had. Again, possible, but no. Seriously, who the fuck knew what DRS was two (2) month ago, or even two (2) weeks ago. So I am suppose to believe that apes beat the default high score five (5) days ago? Beating the default score is nothing to announce, most times it’s easy. Apes probably beat it the first week, at most. The front page is littered with DRS posts and I am to believe apes just beat the high score 5 days ago? Again, maybe, but I doubt it.

The only score that makes sense to announce is Ryan Cohen’s. It’s the only score worth beating. He was number one, sponge bob meme

Not financial advice. I do not know what I’m talking about. Everything above and below this statement has been thought of while huffing massive amounts of glue.

Tl;dr: The game is called GameStop. Score points by DRSing shares. The high score was set by Ryan Cohen at 9 million. Apes beat it 5 days ago. Apes said they were going to beat the game and DRS the float. Talk is cheap, it takes money to buy whiskey. Apes don’t win until the whole float is in computershare.

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