Two things that can cause moass, and many that won’t


What are likely to trigger moass?

First let’s understand and internalize this as it’s is very important.

The only way for SHFs to keep GME price in check and stop imploding is to create counterfeit shares and keep selling.

When this power is taken away, BOOM! No more share dilution and every counterfeit has to be bought back at whatever price you ask.

  1. First moass trigger: DRS entire float to Computershare. When DTCC has ZERO real shares and only counterfeits, they will choke like room with no oxygen. This is in YOUR hands.
  2. Second moass trigger: If Gamestop issues Krypto dividend (now that Overstock case is dismissed with prejudice), they have to give unique indivisible and non-duplicatable Krypto to each shareholder. They’re bust as they’ve sold the same concert ticket to 10 people but there’s’ only one seat. This is in RC’s hand.

What are unlikely to trigger moass, but will keep jacqueing your teats till they bleed you dry

  1. Rising inflation: Inflation makes money cheaper and cheaper, but still will not skyrocket GME price, because it’ll be easier to get more money to post collateral to create/borrow more counterfeit shares
  2. Debt ceiling default: If economy goes into shock, there will be less consumers. Still no impact on ability by SHFs to counterfeit shares
  3. Evergrande collapses: If there is contagion, same as above
  4. Reverse Repo high score: It’s just another indication that there is more money than parking space for money market funds. More money = more leverage for fcukery
  5. Gary’s meme report FTD: The “report” or “investigation” will not trigger moass becasue the same people who control The Federal Reserve, also control DTCC, also are able to buy people in congress and government agencies. This only make you feel helpless, even though YOU control the button
  6. Wut, something?: Be it bank/billionaire/someone/something else. Think how this will stop share counterfeiting and trigger moass. If not, it’s another Jacque teat
  7. Some sensational twitter/linked-in news: Whatever it is, think how it’ll stop share counterfeiting and trigger moass. If not it’s yet another Jacque teat

Understand this, SHF/DTCC don’t want you to take control of your situation because it exposes their bad hand.

So ask yourself what’s important to you?

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