Why hedge fudgies will not throw in the towel now, and what may happen


TL;DR: SHFs will fight till last share exists in DTCC using counterfeiting magic. DRS to Computershare will deplete their ammo slowly but surely. Not a financial advice.

Big boys ran the casino, made the rules, and fleeced long term investors with impunity

  • Market makers/big banks helped SHFs play dangerous game of unlimited risk / limited reward game through naked shorting
  • DTCC through its fraudulent accounting bailed out these unscrupulous players from unlimited risk by enabling share counterfeiting for money, using indefinite borrow program to reset/hide FTD
  • This worked very well when investors were not well informed on how DTCC/prime broker banks/hedge funds collude to game the system with the help of MSM and regulators (SEC/FINRA)
  • When things got out of control like in the case of CMKM where company advised investors to directly own shares, DTCC lobbied for gag laws that prevent companies from sharing information that would protect it’s investors

For the first time few things have come together that are exposing how deeply entrenched SHF/DTCC/Big Banks are in this dirty game

  • RC has played 5D chess and is pivoting Gamestop from brick-n-mortar to eCommerce giant and Digital Exchange pioneer
  • He’s also gotten Gamestop to spit out Senior Notes poison pill loan along with planted sneks. Now they have a strong customer base, loyal investors, fat wallet, and proven talent to grow business
  • Apes somehow figured out the fcukery with help of OG apes (DFV, Trimbath, Kelleher, Komisar), despite heavy MSM/shill FUD-ding
  • They are now diamond-handing even harder with direct share ownership at Computershare
  • New leadership at SEC, unlike their complicit predecessors, have reiterated retail investors have right to discuss on social media; started an investigation; and made it clear that Gamestop is not the one under investigation
  • They’ve also made it clear that PFOF is highway robbery and is under consideration for ban; which’s gotten SHFs shit scared about losing their money printer
  • So the issuing company, investors, and regulator are putting 3-way pressure on casino owners and their favored players. They are cornered.

Bad situation can only get worse, and they’re hoping for a miracle by surviving one day at a time

  • Trying to close now will increase price, and blow through the collateral limit they’re able to post
  • Trying to short further gets them entrenched deeper than Marina in their short wrong position, and also requires additional collateral
  • The price drops makes apes more hungry, and they keep scurrying away new bananas to Computershare
  • They’ve now descended into a cave that gets narrower and narrower, but the entrance has collapsed. They’re hoping for a miracle that somehow opens up a new exit before oxygen runs out

The miracle maker, DTCC, is having it’s own problem, so are having a hard time helping BFF thieves

  • DTCC is now risking exposure of systemic corruption they’ve enabled over decades
  • When exposed, this potentially could revive old law suits and plethora of new ones
  • When direct share ownership knowledge becomes widespread, the short squeeze will be an ever grander contagion for DTCC
  • With shameful resignations of Fed presidents (Rosengren, Kaplan), public are (once again) seeing how fraudulent/unethical the people who control financial system are
  • Due to the above, and the fact that diddle happened with congressional hearing, government will tread carefully

As status quo continues, there will be a glorious ending

  • SHFs will continue to short the living hell out of GME as long as they can find new ways to pony up collateral (pump-and-dump etc.)
  • DTCC will try to strong-arm regulators and government threatening that they are too big to fail and will try lobbying law makers to bend the rules
  • RC and his team will continue to build a great long term company, we’ll all be proud of
  • Regulators hopefully will navigate through sneks embedded in their own organizations and the influence of big money, to tighten the screws
  • Apes, when they stop getting hyped/distracted/drowned-by-noise, and focus on ONE THING they can do to secure their shares i.e. direct registration, will deplete SHFs ammo
  • When SHFs are out of ammo, DTCC is busy burying it’s head in sand; investors will win

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