Illustration: cloud


Let’s create a character. It’s a cloud, so it’s semi-transparent. The cloud is intelligent, so the inter-connections inside the gas cloud create its consciousness, like connections in the brain. In the front part of the cloud, there are sensors (eyes) attached to what looks like a brain (although the whole cloud is a brain.) Couple of options on how this would look:

  • Eyes are actually almost 100% nerve tissue, and since the cloud is like a brain = nerve tissue, you can just draw the eyes (and some helpful “blood” vessels) growing out of the cloud:

  • Another option is to attach something like google glasses to the cloud (so the sensory solution is technical, not biological):

  • And the third option, the most fun but also the most challenging, it so come up with your own weird idea of how a presumably living thing (the eyes) gets attached to a cloud of intelligent gas. Maybe a vat-grown half-skull with disproportionately large sockets, some redundant elements (like nostrils and upper teeth) and the skull itself opening out to contain the brain that is the cloud. I dunno. This is concept art.

In the movie “Strange Days” there is a virtual reality headset they call “the wire” that looks like a bunch of wires you wear on your head. Perhaps it can be used as inspiration:

And some mood and color references:.

So yeah, in this game, you start as this cloud. Before you equip a body you float around as this cloud. So it has to be transparent, and besides the side view, think of how it would look like from the back (3-rd person view).

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