Javascript: (galleries-show add date, description, and back button)


Need a javascript (git, react, jest, ionic, capacitor) developer for a project. The project is a travel website and I need ongoing feature development. For this request, I need 3 small changes to the “gallery show” page: 1. display the gallery description (currently missing), 2. add the back button (currently missing), and 3. add “YYYY-MM-DD” date. The API serves the description data and created_at data, and the “back” url can be gotten from the window object.

I will provide git access to the successful candidate. Familiarity with git required. Mac OS X preferred. Familiarity with jest strongly preferred – the codebase is test-driven, and writing jests will be required in the future, although not in this request. In your response, in the first sentence please answer the following: what’s 7+5/3? Success with this trial request will lead to consideration for similar ongoing work.

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