Paragon Jiu Jitsu Illustration


The illustation will have multiple parts (layers), some clickable. They need to look like they’re clickable.

The picture is a map of the gym. It’s also a site map, and the clickable elements natigate you to specific pages of the website. The website is already there: and you can use their actual logo.

I took the reference picture from the corner, but I’d like to draw the gym in perspective from one long side of the gym, from the top.

The picture happens during the lineup. During the lineup, the instructors stand in the middle, and the students stand on one side. Here are references of a lineup (all instructors are black belts, students are white belts on the left, blue belts on the right):

“Students sitting on the mats socializing” on the far left are just sitting on the mats like this:

The clickable elements are:

  • Logo on the wall, just like in the actual gym. “Home”
  • the group of students is clickable. “programs”
  • the group of instructors (lets say 3 instructors) is clickable. “instructors”
  • the schedule on the wall is clickable. “schedule”
  • the reception desk is clickable. “start trial”
  • the entrance is clickable. “gym location”

The group of students in the far-left should be its own layer, although not clickable yet (because the chat isn’t implemented).

The illustration should be in color.

Actually since it may look weird if you draw it from the top, let’s draw it from the side. So the wall behind the students is not there at all. The “schedule” link is a calendar attached to the reception desk:

The receptionist, a woman, should have the “dialog” bubble icon on top of her head, that’s the “start trial” link.

The right-hand wall is tinted glass, the entrance is a glass door, as well.


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