Possible short ETF created in London for SHF? TLDR: ITV PLC is an ETF linked to GME shares

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I’m not a DD researcher, maybe experts tell if this is already known DD, or worthless information.

I just read about this bizarre options contract in London, that looks like it is setup for short sellers to move a lot of PUTs to the UK, away from the SEC. It’s not available to the public, the marketing says: “may only be offered and sold to prescribed entities under specified conditions.”

The bizarre bit is that this ETF is for GME shares and it’s only for whales. A normal ETF option is for 100 real shares, this one has 1000 shares per Option. And the MINIMUM contract is 250 options, ***that’s 250,000 shares for a minimum short contract***. So, a whale would be gambling on minimum $45,000,000 to be part of this GME options trade.

If anyone can find more information on this ETF it’s called ITV PLC, in the ICE merket in London. This is the only information I can find about it: https://www.theice.com/products/38716826

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