3D scene: street corner 70a+cl42


Need lowpoly 3d scene (obj+mtl): a specific street corner from google street view. This is for in-browser rendering so textures and geometry have to be light, just bare boxes. Each business like a corner store or a coffee shop will have some details like chairs + tables and a few more details. In your response, please answer the following: what’s 99-5/8? What 3D modeling software do you use? How would you create textures from google street view? Please also show me samples of scenes and objects that you’ve made.


This specific street corner: https://goo.gl/maps/9RkEVB171Swneb3N7

Please use reasonable measurements! The unit of measure is 1 meter, and the 3D models + scenes will be scaled to real life sizes.

There is one business on the corner: Pollo Crispy, with its logo above the roof, and chairs and tables, and interior space of the store.

Everything else is outside street space. The user will be able to cross the street, but on the other side just are only buildings (boxes) with textures and no other details.

The obj file should be <5Mb. Combined textures should be <5Mb. The less the better.

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