Have short seller shills infilrated GME subs to make Elon Musk seem like an enemy and not a potential MOASS trigger? Tesla & the 2018 Short seller FUD storm creates the perfect GME ally.

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I’ve been following Superstonk and DDintoGME since their early inception as a silent scrolling, non-post interacting ape as I wanted no public connection with owning Gamestop, after the months of research I’ve done I think anyone knowing you own it is potentially dangerous. But now I feel urged to make a post about a short selling group whose FUD seems to have made it into Superstonk/DDintoGME and could cost us an important ally, Elon Musk.

But first, the setup to explain the “Tesla bubble”

“90% of retail traders lose money” + “Free trading platforms” + “PFOF” = Next to no buy executions + Short Selling? – Speculation

We can buy real shares for free? Wowee!

The “90% of traders lose money” is a widely thrown about statistic (before 2020 that is) so if you were really rich and greedy, what could you do to bank off of this?

Free trading & PFOF of course! Just imagine, if 90% of the orders you process end up losing money why would you execute those buy orders in the first place? Surely it makes more sense to just not execute the trades and keep the difference between what was “bought” and “sold” no?

Now let’s imagine for a second, that you process these orders and now there’s some kind of major virus about to hit your continent and people are still buying. What f***ing dumbos you would think right? But wouldn’t it be a genius move to not just ignore these buy requests but to also go short! These people buying will sell at the bottom of the crash anyway and we’ll be laughing all the way to the bank with their money and ours! This seems like a fool proof plan right?

But wait, not only did us dumb retail traders hodl shares across the board, we also bought the dip with our stimmy, entertainment & travel money! Just try and find a single company that’s worse off now than before 2020. The SPY index is at all time highs despite a global pandemic for goodness sake, how do you explain this? There couldn’t be a more obvious short! However, where else could we put our money if we have nothing to spend it on? As a result, the buy orders racked up and institutions were caught with their pants down. We could be looking at a huge backlog of late buy executions and short covering amidst the most fragile economy in decades. If such a scenario were true, you’d expect lots of money printing & a massively shorted company like Tesla was to continue to go up despite, well, anything right? Especially when the people who bought TSLA are waiting for a multi-trillion$ market cap. Could it be that Tesla has also been oversold as a result of the buy executions being sent off exchange (check any of your free trade confirmations, they were executed off exchange) and not being fulfilled back in the <$100 price when the short seller FUD storm was in full force?

Lately it seems like Superstonk is festering into an anti-Elon and Tesla pit as if somehow they’re responsible for MOASS not happening and that Elon, who almost lost Tesla to an actual short selling group TSLAQ (so notorious, they actually have their own wiki page), is somehow in league with Citadel? Am I missing something? How is Tesla’s high stock price enabling Citadel’s margin requirements for GME shorts?

Oh look, mayoman has the largest public short position in Tesla! Definitely working together with that $20 billion short position.

And you’re sure, that Elon who dealt with and fought against short seller tactics first hand for a decade wants to help them in any way? This guy who tried to draw attention to the SEC not doing their job years ago?

Elon calling out the SEC back in 2018, years before we know what we know now

This guy right here?

Revealing what \”SEC\” really stands for…

Suck Elon’s c….

The guy publically calling out the SEC and telling them they can suck his dick way before the gamestop saga? (yes, these are real tweets)

There’s also no way that short sellers would ever use the same tactics we know about with Gamestop on Tesla when the public short position $ value was many times that of Gamestop’s peak would there? I mean, it’s just a coincidence that the ETFs with the largest Tesla holding (Ark Invest) had just under a billion$ of public FTDs in October’s 1st half alone, right? Definitely no ETF shorting going on here either.

1st half of October FTD’s for Tesla & Ark Invest ETFS. (added GME in case it was of interest, not to be taken as true ftd figures obviously)

We all know that FTDs can be hidden so if this is what’s available publically we can assume that there are even more being hidden.

ARKK ETF Darkpool Short Volume for reference

And here’s some dark pool trading stats for ARKK, the one with 800 million of FTDs. Anyway, enough about these Tesla stats, how does this tie into Gamestop?

My whole point is that it’s worrying how much hate I’m seeing against one of our potentially biggest allies and the hate seems to be on the rise. If the gamestop crowd get associated with a bunch of Elon haters it could cost us his voice when we need it, we just don’t know what will happen down the line but as an example, if we’re able to bring some of the tactics used against gamestop into the limelight with Elon it only needs 1 retweet/reply to bring millions of eyes to our DD and potentially trigger the MOASS. I for one, only learnt about GME through his gamestop tweet linking to WSB back in January and I’m sure there are many other apes in a similar situation.

I promise you, Elon hates short sellers more than you do (as you will learn below) and will expose their tactics if he was aware of them has he has done in the past.

Quick sidenote , thinking that Tesla’s stock price is somehow preventing MOASS is a dangerous and unhealthy mindset to take, you’ll start adopting the same malicious and unhealthy mindset that the short sellers have. Tesla IMO is likely still going through a squeeze as we speak, one that will continue after Elon finishes his stock sale (that purposefully maximises his tax contributions so people can shut up about him not paying his fair share of taxes on unrealised gains). If my speculation is correct, those TSLA PFOF buy requests back at the $80 mark and above were not fulfilled when originally purchased and are potentially still being executed late to this day.

I personally believe that Tesla is one of the few safe havens when GME pops because it’s still going through a squeeze of it’s own. I’m not saying you should own Tesla at all don’t get me wrong, I’m just saying I wouldn’t count on a crash of Tesla anytime soon nor that such an event would make GME pop.

So what did short sellers do with Tesla?

Now let’s look at TSLAQ, the short selling group that almost caused Tesla to go bankrupt through their media manipulation, lies & FUD.

Anyone whose invested in Tesla and have a twitter account will no doubt have heard of the short selling group TSLAQ (Q stands for bankruptcy) who have been saying that Tesla is going to $0 for years and years. They have ties to billionaires and are followed by and engaged with financial journalists for Business insider, LA Times, CNBC and more. Their incessant twitter, personal and media funded prodding of Elon has lead to many of Elon’s more public outbursts including:

Taking Tesla private at $420 Tweets:

If you’re a private company the media don’t give a shit about you since they can’t sway public opinion to pump/dump your stock price. This famous tweet from Elon followed a super stressful period of time for Elon orchestrated by short sellers who were in maximum FUD mode, they had bribed an unstable Tesla employee to get info for a hit piece they published and then funded the ensuing disimissal lawsuit when the employee was found out. (They lost)

Linette Lopez is the business insder reporter in question here and has publically shown support for Jim Chanos, one of Tesla’s biggest short sellers. She follows many members of TSLAQ and engages with them regularly, this is not a secret.

To most people at the time, the above twitter thread looks like Elon’s been sipping some conspiracy kool aid and why wouldn’t it look that way? In 2018 short sellers were relatively unknown and most people had no idea what they were capable of & doing in the background.

More related tweets pointing out more connections with Chanos and Linette. \”Tripp\” is Martin Tripp the Ex-Tesla employee Elon mentioned in previous image

If you’re interested, there’s a great twitter thread showing the full time line of the lawsuit that the tweets above are related to here. Covers the corporate theft of data, to the dramatic finale where the Tesla Employee was arrested after fears he was going to shoot up the Giga Factory.


The ex-employee then fired his lawyers after it was exposed that short sellers were funding his legal case and ultimately lost the lawsuit years later.


Pedo Guy Tweets

Whilst all of the above was going on (literally the same week as Elon’s tweets), Elon and his engineers were working tirelessly trying to build a miniature submarine by request of the Lead Thailand cave divers in a short amount of time. Imagine how infuriating it would be having to deal with a short seller funded, BS lawsuit whilst trying to focus your energy on trying to save the lives of children in Thailand by the request of the Thai diving team.

Emails between Elon Musk & Cave Diver Richard/Rick Stanton the lead cave diver – google to verify if you like

Remember, Elon had responded to a request for help but the unintended consequence of this is that it could be interpreted as an attention grab, like Elon has any need or want for extra attention… But this is exactly the type of thing that TSLAQ jumped on. Their thousands of members would go on to do their best to make this seem like a PR stunt and this became a wider accepted belief, this then lead to media organisations asking Vernon Unsworth, the diver who had mapped the caves and received the famous name call, in probably the most significant moment of his life (post cave rescue) what he thought about Elon’s submarine. This was his moment and instead he now had to respond to a question about some billionaire’s device that didn’t even get used and that Vernon hadn’t had any involvement with? “He can stick his mini sub where it hurts” he retorted, justifiably angry.

This was TSLAQ gold and so they captured the clip and tweeted it at Elon incessantly until it was noticed. From Elon’s perspective he had no idea who this guy was, never heard of him until that point and being told to shove the project he’d worked on with his engineers would have been infuriating, especially with all the other stuff going on at the same time. Elon in his anger referred to him as “pedo guy” and there you have it. A perfect TSLAQ orchestrated, media shitstorm. To add to the fire, a private investigator emailed Elon’s office letting them know that he had suspicions that there was truth to the name call and provided fabricated evidence to Elon which lead to him not backing down at the time. The investigator was foolishly not vetted at the time, in Elon’s own words, before being hired and they turned out to be a fraudster further adding insult to injury.


If you’re interested in some of these stories then you might be interested in the person who bought a Tesla with no knowledge of TSLAQ, but ended up facing their twitter wrath for doing so, getting pulled into the TSLAQ rabbit hole, blackmailed, getting falsely accused of number of crimes, having their place of work being called by TSLAQ to get them fired, their family getting phone calls from TSLAQ members and facing $100k+ in lawsuits from a TSLAQ member who claims to have invented Facebook…


Thanks for your time!

If you liked this read then feel free to re-post this anywhere you like, I don’t need the credit and have no karma! I only want to get eyes on the info and to gather thoughts from wrinkle brains.

p.s I’ll admit it, I am an Elon fan, but I don’t think he’s without fault. He says/does a lot of stuff he shouldn’t but that’s what makes him likeable. I see a dude on a mission that puts him up against the most corrupt people on the planet, big oil, unions, governments, automotives, russian aerospace etc and as a result he will steam roll anyone who gets in his way to get things done and make enemies of them, friend or foe. Is this a good trait? Socially no, but for what needs to be done yes.

If you disagree with anything I’ve said, let’s have a discussion and cast emotions aside as I’m always happy to hear different opinions. Just remember, apes don’t fight apes.

If you can disprove what I’ve talked about here, great, let it be known and I’ll make the edits.

If you can add info that supports what I’ve said? Equally great, let me know and I’ll make the edits.

Mods if you have any questions or need anything let me know. 🙂

TLDR: There’s a huge amount of rising hate towards Elon and Tesla that seems out of place and taking up a larger and larger % of GME subreddits. I point out how Elon is highly likely to be an ally experiencing the same short tactics we know with GME and will without a doubt, hate short sellers more than we do. I outlinine how Tesla could be oversold with buy trades that were never executed going into the pandemic and provide evidence of ETF shorting and Citadel fuckery. Also cover how if the Tesla FUD continues we could lose the potential of Elon tweeting some GME DD that triggers MOASS. Also cover some examples of crazy short seller activity related to Tesla to directly show what these people are capable of and what we may come to expect with Gamestop once they become a hotly talked about topic again. (likely after official NFT announcements)

EDIT: u/madness_creations pointed out a very interesting post on Teslamotorsclub about naked short selling suspicions back in 2013! Link below: (thank you u/madness_creations!)


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