Mistakes Freelancers Make when Talking with Clients

tl;dr Freelancers should be able to price their own services

As I’m looking to hire, among other specialists, some writers, I am reminded how competitive junior talent pool is, on both sides: purchasing and selling services. I’m sure sometimes the writer gets no work commissioned. I’m sure at other times the client is deeply frustrated. Take a look at this conversation for example:

Don’t be like this guy! Sure, he doesn’t know how to communicate with Westerners such as Americans. But if he wants to be a professional, he absolutely needs to be able to price his own services. If he doesn’t have a standard price for a standard piece, I don’t want to work with him.

Pricing is an iterative process. The freelancer would throw a number out there (say, $20 and yes I know it’s low, I’m hiring overseas) and then increase or decrease that number, and observe how the clients react, does he get more clients, or fewer, and is his overall time more or less efficient in terms of how much monies he makes per hour. Then he’d have a good idea how much his services cost. Then, he should strive to raise the price of his services, say, at 10% a year. That’d how I recommend doing pricing, if you are a freelancer.

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