Ruby on rails developer (newsitem pagination)


Need a ruby on rails developer. I have a pretty advanced project that needs feature development. This request is specifically for WIRING PAGINATION into the LIST OF NEWSITEMS in a SITE, using gem kaminari-mongoid. The database is mongo, writing rspec when coding is required, using git is required, and the app is split into 3 engine gems: the model layer, administrative layer (a full app), and the api layer (a headless app). Each one is test-driven. Plus a rails project that connects the three. So it’s an advanced setup, and you should have more than 1 year of ruby experience overall and definitely some experience writing rspec. In your response, please answer the following in the first sentence: what’s 16-8/3? In your second sentence, please answer: what is your OS and text editor? For bonus points, answer: what is one specific, useful method provided by ActiveRecord? Success with this task will lead to more similar work in the future. Thanks!

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