The marker should grow, not shrink on zooming in/out


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I’ve added locations “test”, “test-1”, “test-2”. These will be standard for testing for now. So to go to test-1 location:

You can edit location and add/update markers on it:

So right now, when the  map_panel_type = “MapPanel” (meaning it’s 2D with zoom), the zoom doesn’t work as expected *when you zoom in*. Marker should grow as expected (relative to its origin).

How do you edit origin of a marker? When editing a marker ( button “[~]” means edit ), (1.) click inside the yellow border of the image, to set the red X.  (2.) Optionally, input the x & y coordinates manually, and (3.) click save.

That’s the origin of the 2D marker, and all growing/shrinking and also location on the map would be relative to the origin.

I setup this map, which is a branch with a leaf, to demonstrate and reproduce the problem:

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