The Official Unofficial Trading & Investing Game

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Hello guys. We will be doing a Trading & Investing Game with the following rules:

  • Duration: 6 months
  • Starting amount: $1K
  • Accountability: a referee and PPI (=personally identifiable information) Compliance check


  1. Teams start with $1K in an account of their choosing. For the duration of the game, monies cannot be deposited or withdrawn in this account. (Should we start with $3K instead? $5K?)
  2. Teams have complete freedom on how they invest and trade. Commodities, crypt0, capital markets, sovereign debt, leverage. If your platform of choosing has it, you can use it.
  3. At the end of 6 months, all positions are liquidated and the team with largest account size wins. (This is optional? Do we have to liquidate? Liquidation is a tax event.)
  4. Before the game starts, teams have acknowledged that the winning team has to disclose all account activity to the referee. The account activity will be public on the Game blog/website. Non-winning teams may also chose to make their play public. After the referee looks over account activity, PPI compliance officer also checks the info that is made public, to remove PPI.
  5. The winner gets the sack of potatoes (TM) NFT. Or something.

There will be a discussion board available for the game ( r/officialunofficial ) and a whatsapp group to discuss strategies.

Teams are not required, but encouraged to post their positions during the game. It is possible and legal for any team to copy positions of another team. Let’s learn by example, let’s not deprive ourselves of immediate feedback.

Message me if you would like to participate! piousbox (at) gmail (dot) com .

Update: Tentatively, the game starts January 15th. I invite you to pre-game my creating the account you’re gonna use, and losing $5 in it or something. (You’ll have to liquidate everything at the start of the game.)

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