Two Planes on the Russian Border – Update Speculative Diligence



Another redditor messaged me with some DD into the plane meeting last weekend, this user had 0D account time, no post history. This user vanished/revoked/deleted soon after sending me some, not all of their DD into this event.

Therefore the DD is not originally mine, however I did find it interesting and relevant enough to post it here after a review/clean up of the content.

To get us all on the same page and establish a starting point I will quickly remind readers of the events leading here.

Kennys plane and another business jet registered to Wilmington Trust leave Chicago and NY to meet in an extremely remote airport in Northern Finland, exceptionally close to the Russian border. The planes then leave the remote airport about a day later and return to the US.

So the questions that arise from such a remote meetup, vs just meeting inside the US are plentiful. Why this extremely cold, remote airport with nothing of note for thousands of kms?

This leads me and others to believe that whatever was happening here needed to be outside the USA and given the extreme remote location, timing and proximity to the Russian border… There is no other logical reason to be here unless you plan on crossing that border by land vs traceable flight. It’s also logical to assume that if you were looking to make a criminal deal, and or move billions of dollars before apes take it(Melvin just “sold” 4.2B into the Cayman Islands), you most certainly would look at crypto as a means to do this. You would need to ensure those assets could never be accessed on the chain remotely. YOU NEED A COLD WALLET PHYSICAL STORAGE and an expert in physical device security with out of country secure storage options. The only way you get fucked is if someone gets ahold of the cold wallet (Hi FBI readers) so you put it securely inside the one place the US gov will never get it.. Russia. This is where this user’s DD kicks off in the spirit of “whatever is there, must be the culprit. No matter how unlikely” – Sherlock Holmes

The following is the lightly edited findings of the user who sent me this DD. User shall remain nameless. (they went missing already anyways). Any help digging here is appreciated greatly and I will update if enough has changed.

CryptoSecure LLC and Scott B Cochrane – a link between Wilmington Trust and Ivalo airport?

I stumbled upon a US company named CryptoSecure LLC with a remote office in Murmansk, Russia, which is a four hour drive away from Ivalo airport.

I did some research on the company and its CEO Scott B Cochrane.

I found links to the city of Wilmington, Delaware, the Wilmington Trust and other entities allegedly entangled in the $GME game.

When I read the posts about some shady people meeting somewhere out in the Finnish wilderness, I was intrigued and wanted to help find out more.

Some apes speculated that the conspirators might be trying to store away assets before whatever is to come, possibly in the form of cryptocurrency.

I did a Google Maps search in the greater northern Scandinavian Area for the term “crypto”.

I stumbled upon a company named CryptoSecure LLC. Its registered in the US and also maintains an office near Murmansk, Russia. I was intrigued and started digging.

CryptoSecure LLC:

According to their website, CryptoSecure LLC “is focused on Trusted Computing and how to leverage security devices and services already in your domain to enhance the security of your system”.

The company was registered in 2018 to an unassuming family home at 193 South Ln West Windsor, NJ, presumably the residence of its CEO Scott Cochrane. Also very close to NY airport this plane departed.

The company also maintains an office at Gvardeyskaya Ulitsa, 47, Severomorsk, Murmansk Oblast, Russia, about 4 driving hours away from Ivalo airport.,+Lentokent%C3%A4ntie,+Inari,+Finland/Crypto+Secure,+LLC,+Gvardeyskaya+Ulitsa,+47,+Severomorsk,+Murmansk+Oblast,+Russia,+184601/@68.7589367,29.7827578,8z/data=!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x45cd152445d645b1:0x606b512c3689059d!2m2!1d27.4196377!2d68.6085441!1m5!1m1!1s0x443419cd5a37149b:0x35e7cdfca375ada5!2m2!1d33.4126618!2d69.0569604

Their Russian domain is a dead end.

There is a similarly named company that advertises cold store hardware crypto wallets with a vault storage service.

There is also a similarly named blockchain.

Maybe some of our wrinkly brain tech apes could take a look at these blockchains. At first I thought these might only be coincidences with a similar name, but now I assume they are indeed related:

CryptoSecure LLC on linkedin -> members -> LinkedIn Member listed as Lead Mobile Engineer at Bittrex

Lead Mobile Engineer at Bittrex -> Jim Baker*

Jim Baker on linkedin -> CEO CryptoSecure Blockchain, LLC*

Scott Cochrane:


More info like mail addresses, contacts and prior addresses on two data-agglomeration sites.

I decided to investigate prior positions in his career, hoping to maybe find some connection to Wilmington Trust or associated entities – and oh boy, did I find some.

I will present my findings chronologically from earliest to most recent position and summarize afterwards:

Senior Software Engineer at Syllogy Corporation (1991 – 1996):

Syllogy was a company that “provided innovative software solutions to technology & business needs”. According to their website, they went out of business not later than 2002.

The company has a branch registered at Hackensack, NJ. This also matches up with Cochranes prior addresses of residency.

Interestingly, the corporation is also registered to an address in Wilmington, Delaware. A five minute drive away from Wilmington Trust headquarters.

This position can definitely be linked to Wilmington and its venture capital scene. There is more on Syllogy in the bonus materials, but lets continue with Scott Cochrane’s career for now.

Director, Professional Services at Software Emancipation Technology (1996 – 1998):

This company was hyped for innovative software design, before mysteriously fading out of business around the 2000s.

This company and its branches can be directly linked to Wilmington, DE, too.

Director at PSC (Proservices Corporation) (1998 – 2000):

Again, PSC once was a successful software company, but at some point in time they seem to have just gone out of business, without further notice. They were located an hour drive away from Wilmington, and near Cochrane’s current address.

I found an out of date website and their FB with last post from 2016

They were once rated at $2BN

Their website and this document also indicates that they have (had) business ties with JP Morgan, the DOD, NASA, the NSA, as well as the Federal Reserve.

Vice President Engineering at Wave Systems Corp. (2000 – 2018):

Wave Systems Corp. was based in – you guessed it – Wilmington, Delaware. Again, once traded as the next big thing in the cyber security

they went out of business and got bought up a few years later.

Their out-of-date website


SEC and Opengov registries

One of their major product innovations was the “Wave Virtual Smart Card 2.0”, a physical 2FA card for enterprise cyber security.

This is where I got cut off from this user and all traces of this DD disappeared from the web with the exception of some bonus linkages that were still being worked on by him. I do have what he sent me and the bonus linkages saved in the case this gets traction. Please dig into this information as much as you can.

Links between Scott B Cochrane, Russia, Wilmington, Citadel, and more could be useful here. I only hope the SEC/DOJ are watching Kenny closely, because apes sure are.


here is the screengrabs of his DD after I asked him to post it to his profile so I could read and he could edit. Soon after it all went bye bye. I also have the DM which hit the char limit and cut off but has the main body, same test as the pics

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  1. Hello mate. This is OP who sent you the possible DD on reddit. Sorry for the messy communication. Reddit doesnt seem to like throwaways set up over Tor. Thanks for posting my findings on your page as well.

    Since people kinda quickly considered it debunked, I dug more. And I found more. Spoiler: Freakin John MacAfee. I uploaded my enhanced post at the following links
    https: //we .tl/t-xyHZA1eBB3
    https: //ufile .io/geshmiw9
    https: //filebin .net/yrd7n1wi9u2d83b6

    Also, since I wrote and uploaded it to the mirrors, I dug a little more on the MacAffee connection.

    I found that team McAfee joined CryptoSecure as advisors in March 2018 [[A1]]([[A2]]( [[A3]](

    In March 2018, news about crackdown on CryptoSecure surface [[A4]](

    In September 2018, the MacAfee Team announces its withdrawl from the project, claiming they had been misled by the project [[A5]]( and were giving back 200M SECURE tokens, which checks out with the transaction on the SECURE blockchain [[A6]](

    You know something is shady when even the MacAfee team doenst wanna be associated with it anymore.

    I had almost finished my research, thinking I had found everything possibly relevant to CryptoSecure, before I discovered the MacAfee link a few days ago. Now, that one connection again slams the gates wide open for a whole bunch of further possible theories. Idk, just look at MacAfee’s last tweets before his SuIZidE about socially engineering corrupt developers into software department and then think about their possible implications reagrding this case…

    Yet, at this point, I have decided to end my research and not dig further. I can feel my mental and physical health deteriorating as I write. I have spent ten days now scouring the web, compiling this post. It is exhausting, constantly having to differentiate between factual info and conspiracies, staying aware and not being swallowed whole by all the rabbit holes I pass along the way.

    Maybe I will pick up this intrieguing looking series of novels…

    After all, I guess, ignorance is indeed bliss. Good luck and kind regards

    An anonymous ape

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