Is this the Gamestop Nft market place?!


Follow the yellow brick road

We’re starting with IMX and following the transactions of where they send there tokens too.\/




The final wallet in which i could track the imx tokens too. but look at the activity being sent to the wallet. Nfts from Apple. Mcdonalds. Rolex. Louis vutton, Dolce gabbana, Gucci Warner bros.

This wallet contains $115million in assets thats ether and other tokens from hundreds of big name companys and other developers tokens and over 400 nfts so far… almost as if this is 1 big hub/or marketplace


alright, iv had some time to look into these nfts. The conclusion…. crime. Next level call the mofo FBI crime. im not sure how 39,173,533 imx tokens made there way into this wallet yet.

As for the nfts its easier to view those via rarible, each and every brand all have the same description “COUNTDOWN FINISHED. MINTING IS NOW LIVE” and a link to the brand specific website, these websites seem like direct clones of the original websites i.e rolex, supergucci, invisiblefriends although all with the same theme “mint 5 get 1 airdrop free or 2 for 10”. We are talking dozens of brand sites, dozens of verified rarible accounts with hundreds-thousands followers, 10’s of thousands of nfts. Each of verified rarible accounts connected to these nfts all hold the similar nfts and brands.

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