r/place is back! and we’ll get GME its rightful place



r/place is back yet again. In 2017 it was a 3 day event where there was a blank canvas and everyone was able to add a pixel with a time restriction in place before they could place the next. People can also “paint over” the pixel you’ve placed – therefore it becomes a constant battle over the days it’s open (recent r/place post here by radmin).

Therefore it becomes a community effort to essentially create the desired image, combating with other communities for space, creating alliances – all the fun stuff. We have one of the (if not the most) active communities on Reddit.

As such, we hope you’ll join us in making sure GME gets its rightful place on the canvas. The first pixel will be located at 741, 741.


Location of said image on the old r/place canvas result. It’s in the bottom right.

Huge shout out to u/DisproportionateWillu/ChippThaRipp, and a large cohort of people who’ve created such a detailed plan:

This is something that requires fast-paced coordination and communication. There’s also a strategy associated which you can check out below.



As such, we’ll have a channel dedicated to r/place on our discord server:


So, please join the discord server and let’s smash this out of the park.



Beginning of u/ChippThaRipp’s post about the strategy (there are more details within about how r/place actually functions): https://www.reddit.com/r/GMEPlace/comments/tt6mty/updated_gme_rplace_strategy_please_provide/

Efforts will be prioritized based on the position of a component within the image above, this is to ensure that we get at least one key component on the canvas as it’s a large undertaking and we’re unsure how many people will actually help out (hedging our bets).

  • Priority 1: Gamestop Logo
  • Priority 2: GME Ticker
  • Priority 3: DFV
  • Priority 4: Loopring and Immutable

Please check out the post from Ripps above, as it goes into A LOT more detail.

I’m sure many people with have lots of different feedback, bring it to the discord – it’ll be chaos, fun chaos though. As said before, people have put a lot of effort into coming up with this design and building out the strategy, so if you do have feedback – try to make it actionable straight away as things will move fast.

With that all said, let’s have some fun. Don’t forget to join our discord to help out! https://discord.com/invite/hgJmtEeJ

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