Bored Ape users just spent $100M on gas fees. Let’s bring them on GameStop with IMX. – Robbie


Hi r/superstonk

This morning Bored Ape Yacht Club, one of the most popular NFT collections, minted their latest drop on Layer 1 Ethereum, wasting $100 million in users’ gas fees. People were not happy.

They’re currently planning on building their own blockchain to scale in the future.

This is a huge waste – Bored Apes were born on Ethereum, and Ethereum is where the best liquidity and security for NFTs are. It’s why we built Immutable on it.

We’re creating a proposal to scale ApeCoin’s future drops with Immutable X.



If integrated, this would mean all of ApeCoin’s future drops would by default be tradable and accessible on GameStop.

ApeCoin is a community governed DAO – the more public support we can generate for this the better.



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