It’s all so clear to me now. The sudden crash is because of the split/dividend



No, I’m not ignoring all of the crazy stupid shit that has happened to lead up to this moment of global depression. I’m not saying that everything is because of GameStop. Wall Street made their bed of filth and lies. They built this house of cards. We are only an innocent breeze through the window.


The Fed, Wall Street and MSM were perfectly happy with their long, slow controlled crash and they were hoping for a soft landing, probably in the fall. The markets have been crashing hard since Christmas. If a 30% drop happened overnight people would actually notice and care… but drag it out over a few months and nobody bats an eye. The general public is so distracted with their daily lives just trying to make ends meet that the whole thing was going unnoticed.

What changed? Why is MSM suddenly using naughty words like recession? Why are the big banks and firms selling off hard seemingly at the flip of a switch?

They NEED you and me to sell. This is the last hope for them. They know the dividend is the end of their market as we know it. The Game Will Stop.

So the Current Thing®️ is to destroy the lives of every single hard working American who’s hopes and dreams live in their little nest egg. Then tell them that their nephew did it. Tell the people who put 100% into a managed fund with a target date that their granddaughter is a greedy piglet and an idiot. That their IT guy at work is actually happy the market is crashing.

It’s disgusting, but it’s also no surprise. I’ve been here since January of 21, and there were a few posts early on that primed us for this. Those brave apes foretold of a day when our grandparents and teachers would scowl at us for destroying their future.

I hope someone can find the post (I will look) that had example MSM headlines that look shockingly prophetic right about how. At the time, over a year ago it was hard to believe and seemed almost like a fantasy too far. Yet here we are.

Look at the sudden change in the media. They can’t get their message straight, but all fingers are pointing back at you.

Who in their right mind would sell this stock? A company with zero debt and a billion cash. A company with a master plan to change the NFT world. A company who is less than a month from announcing THE MOST IMPORTANT SPLIT/DIVIDEND IN THE HISTORY OF THE MARKET.

Should we be surprised that 99% of the public doesn’t even know the split is coming? The whole thing was ignored and scoffed at by MSM.

That should tell you everything.

Their one true fear is a dividend that they cannot deliver.

And that dividend is here.

Hold the line.

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