Today Private Family Offices Started Buying GME and Other Retail Baskets

Who knows! Thank you, ape, at least we are vibin’ to this hype

Heard from a friend of mine this morning who manages $300M in family office money. He works for a broader organization that supports $30B across more than 100 advisors. The group must advise trades to its clientele based on individual risk profiles and research done by the large team of analysts that the umbrella company provides. This means, they follow the firm’s advice and do not deviate.

Today they started buying GME at open. They believe it is a 300% conservative ROI even without a major run up. His quote was “they have billions of synthetic shares to cover.”

I have been telling my friend about this for 16 months, updating him with in-depth DD every time I see him. The last time was 4 weeks ago. He shared the fertilize, non-cyclical, and precious metals plays they were making.

But told me GME and other short basket retail stocks were not part of their hedge against the impending market crash that has just begun in earnest.

Today, their position changed. My suspicion is that some of the big short players increased assets enough with the crypto rug pull that they let the truth come out. The timing lines up perfectly.

I realize this is “trust me bro” stuff, but I used to work on Wall Street and am plugged in deeply in the PE/VC world.

All of this makes sense with the ramp-up of all the negative coverage, the real impact DRS is making, and whispers of what a stock split via NFT within the next 30 days.

TLDR: advisors to private family offices flipped the script today and started buying GME heavily to hedge the coming crash.

Bullish AF LFG

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