Natural FOMO was always the correct play to trigger MOASS. RC knew GS’s rabid investor base would handle it themselves.


It seems like everyone round here feels pretty fucking good lately. Which is an amazing statement in and of itself.

HOW? How is it even possible that a group of retail investors in a single stock can be so calm in this bizarre, frightening, chaotic market?

The stock market is crashing further and further every week. The S&P is down 20+% since January. The FED can’t raise rates fast enough to get inflation under control without triggering massive debt defaults. Whales are liquidating crypto in order to gain liquidity, tanking the entire speculative market. The housing market is showing signs of collapse. Gas is pegged to $5 a gallon. Food prices are sky-high. Everything is pointing to a massive stagflation recession if not outright depression.

Gamestop investors? Well the stock is down about 8% since January 1st. Can you believe that? In this market? Only 8%.

How about some of the blue chips?

Google? Down 25%. Apple? Ditto 25% down.

How about Best Buy? Ya know, a very similar store to Gamestop? Down 29%.

Amazon? 36%! Tesla? 38%! Netflix? DOWN SEVENTY PERCENT.

Everyone here knows why inflation is the way it is (J POWELL BRRRRR) and why companies are taking a massive beating. The stock market is a corrupt ponzi scheme designed to rug-pull the expendable income of the average American OVER AND OVER AGAIN. 401K’s wiped out. Life savings gone.

Ryan Cohen saw this coming. He watched while a single man with a red headband pointed out the play of the century. He watched when Robinhood turned the buy button off. He watched when the shills on CNBC shit on him and his company over and over again for 18 months.

Why did he watch? Becuase it’s not his job to go on CNBC and complain. It’s not his job to call out the corruption on Wall Street and the SEC.


The man implemented an incredible turnaround strategy of Gamestop that is about to start bearing fruit. You really think all these incredible hires of all-star talent would be happy with stock options of a company that was trading at 5 dollars a share two years ago without know what’s going to happen?

He knows what’s coming. He knows the shorts are fucked. He knows that every day the Liquidity Fairy can’t find shit for Gamestop. He sees the borrow rates. He sees the DRS numbers. He sees the FTD’s. He sees Melvin going under. He sees the overleveraged hedge funds drowning. He sees all of the blue chips getting destroyed.

All the while. $GME? Flying higher and higher. Stable as they come. The most stable stock in the whole fucking market.

MOASS was never about RC doing some sneaky trick move to make us all rich while he gets stuck in court for stock manipulation for the next decade.

MOASS was always about FOMO. It’s about watching the rest of the market realize all along that the confident reddit kids were right and that this is the one. The only true play. It’s about the Boomers piling in with their life savings. It’s about the rich fucks turning on each other hoping to survive. The DD’s done. This investor base is ZEN.

Who’s ready for the fucking ride of their lives? Power to the players.

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