2022 July – Paris


Amazing! Loving it. Travel makes me free. And I love meeting people – I’m more social than ever before. In a day I meet more people than in a month of Austin. And that also makes me a better communicator.

These days I’m all about introductions and talking. So we talk a lot. Yesterday I talked to literally everybody at the bar (stayed until sunrise again).

Talked to the two blondes from UK. One was brunette, but both were dits, I’d say. The actual blonde, tall and beautiful, was dressed every day in super flashy clothes. Like going to the beach, pretty much underwear (a suimsuit) and a skanky (is that the word?) little skirt barely wider than a belt. Her friend was matching in beauty, although the brunette was noticeably shorter and less flashy in appearance, wearing all black.

So everyone’s eyes were on these two girls, as they were the most eye candy of the bar. I approached them twice, chatted them up. It feels good to approach as a free man, knowing that I have no expectations of them. I think the girls were upset that the second time, having already established rapport with them, I left in 5 minutes and joined a group of much less flamboyant girls. Traveling, meeting people is a competitive process.

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