Another example of correspondence between me and a recruiting company

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The HR industrial machine has well-greased cogs; most of the time, recruiters assume that I’m looking for a job, and most of the time, I as an individual have to deal with them as a machine. Their responses are automated. Their solicitations are automated as well. Sometimes, their expected response from me is pushing a button, rather than starting a conversation.

In order to prevent, or at least lessen the asymmetric communication (me as an individual, with them as an automatic system), I make requests and governing rules on my end.

Below is an example of how such a conversation may play out. Please note, my dear reader: I do not have plans of being hired by them or by their customers. I also use this opportunity to write professional correspondence (essays), so even if my text falls on deaf ears as expected, it would not be in vain, because of the practice I have clocked in, writing this letter.

Now, without further ado, the letter:

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