The US financial market regulators duped ALL investors on a global scale

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Dear Jon Stewart & John Oliver,

If you or your staff are reading this, Redditors from various Ape subs ave clearly documented the recent in-your-face daylight fraudulent activities perpetrated by the DTCC/NSCC leadership (Michael Bodson & company) which is supposedly overseen & governed by the SEC (Security Exchange Commission lead by Gary Gensler & company).

This has resulted in the outright theft of stock dividends that were to be distributed to thousands of retail investors who are located in multiple countries around the world. The reason why this fraud occurred was to protect the interests of Short Hedge Fund companies and those financial institutions who support their criminal activities.

Retail investors, who did nothing but Buy and Hold on to their investments like any investor does for companies of value, have been robbed of their legally earned dividend payments (in stock).

This fraudulent action by the DTCC/NSCC was taken in direct opposition to the wishes and legal direction (as outlined by the filing of the stock dividend distribution) by the executive leadership of GameStop.

The fraudulent activities performed by the DTCC/NSCC during this past week has now been clearly documented for anyone to read. Actvities of this fraud have been sent to the DoJ, the FBI and the SEC’s equivalent in many other countries.

Like us, they are waiting for answers from the SEC and the DTCC/NSCC as to why they created this current state of fraud that has affected financial markets world wide.

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Part of the MOASS theory is that many believe the U.S. would not screw over international brokers because the American stock market can not afford to have foreign entities lose trust in the system. Losing cashflow from these foreign brokers would be devastating. Lets take a look at what just happened.

The DTCC blatantly lies to foreign broker about the nature of the GME split. They told the brokers just to issue shares as if its your everyday stock split. The problem is that many retail investors called thier brokers and asked them why it wasn’t issued as a dividend like GME intended it to be.

Foreign brokers looked into the issue further, and found that GME indeed issued the split as a dividend. These brokers then realized that they could potentially lose a lot of money by being responsible for 3 new shares that they could have to go out and buy on thier own.

They realized the DTCC flat out lied to them and exposed them to risk they shouldn’t have been exposed to. I would say this is a damn good reason to not trust the U.S. market! Im really interested to see whats going on BEHIND the scenes. These foreign brokers are pissed, im sure!

The DTCC took one hell of a gamble lying to foreign brokers and crossing their fingers they wouldn’t find out!

This is about to get VERY INTERESTING. Don’t think for a second that things arent going on with this issue that we don’t know about. This is a big deal, and the DTCC shit to bed in a major way. Just sit back and watch Apes, this is bigger than screwing just american retailers over.

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