2022-09-04 ISh :: Site Updates

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Let’s seeā€¦ I think I’ll have some real updates, “soon!” I’ve been pulling 12-hour days, using performance-enhancing medication, and without an annoying manager distracting me, so yeah as is expected, I’m being very productive.

What’s been implemented on Infinite Shelter (my platform, yay!) in recent days so far:

  • you can upvote/downvote newsitems! Newsitems being videos, text reports and photo galleries.
  • you can register and login! In order to do the former.
  • it looks not completely ugly on mobile
  • I packaged the website as an android app and it worked (but it hasn’t been published to the Play store yet).
  • you can unlock a premium newsitem, If you have coins.
  • you can purchase coins to do the former. I was able to charge myself 51 cents of real money. (Re-implementing this took me 2 years of procrastination, and 1 day of actual work)
  • 3D stuff is under construction, but I made some technical progress there as well, notably on being able to navigate a 3d space on a mobile phone.

Tomorrowland pics+vids are coming, please be patient : ) The Tomorrowland videos published so far, you guys have already seen these: https://infiniteshelter.com/en/locations/show/tomorrowland

Test pics from Forbidden Kingdom from last year: https://infiniteshelter.com/en/locations/show/florida

Please be patient with the crappy user interface, this stuff for real takes a while to make.

Cheers! Happy Labor Day weekend for those in United States, and happy regular weekend for the people elsewhere!

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