Game Warping, The MOASS, and How Apes Embody the Game Theoretic Dynamics of Ethereum

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It’s not a secret that we’re locked in a Stag Hunt together

In the words of u/GrowsOrganic:

It’s not a secret that we’re locked in a Stag Hunt together. A Stag Hunt is a cooperative game from Game Theory in which two hunters choose to hunt either a Stag or a Rabbit. It requires both players to successfully take the stag down, so there’s some risk that the other hunter will defect from cooperating and choose the rabbit so they don’t go hungry, but if both players choose to hunt the stag they both achieve the maximum payout. For the Apes, hodling for MOASS is the stag, and paperhanding is the rabbit.

Game Warping is essentially just the addition of games. The introduction of an external factor that is common knowledge to all players of a Game results in the rational players’ payoff matrix becoming warped by this knowledge, leading to a shift in the Nash Equilibria. For the Apes, this common knowledge is our collective pool of DD, as well as the memes that adhere the community together.

The Stag Hunt we’re in has been warped by the knowledge that hedgies r fuk and have been plundering the global economy for decades, making hodling the only rational option.

The game the hedgies are playing is the game of Chicken), wherein both the hedgies and the Apes have the option to concede or continue adding to their positions. But Apes have warped the game by eliminating the possibility of paperhanding as it is not a rational option for us. This skews the payoff matrix for the game of Chicken such that the Nash Equilibrium is Apes add, hedgies concede.

MOASS is mathematically inevitable no matter how you look at it, the Apes have too much potential to navigate the anti-rivalrous) domain to compete with – they have an incredible capacity to extract the truth from the underlying landscape. Superstonk is a glimpse of what is possible in the future with DAOs. Apes have achieved the autopoiesis of a collective intelligence with an unrivaled potential to solve problems and research; Wherein each individual in the network is following “MOASS’s Phoenix” (Ether’s Phoenix) – the promise that once we reach escape velocity all debts will be paid and that cooperation begets reward.

This is exactly how Ethereum promises to skew incentive structures in the Games society plays. Smart Contracts are able to enforce the incentives of a Game to warp in such a way that cooperation is the only rational option. The Ethereum Network, much like the collective intelligence of Apes, is an unprecedented arena for playing cooperative games and has the ability to transmute all zero sum games into positive sum games where cooperation can outcompete competition even within its own rivalrous domain.

Papa Cohen and GameStop are the seed from which humanity will be able to speedrun achieving the connectivity of mycelial networks. The future is positive sum, not the zero sum world we live in today that prevents individuals from exploring their passions.

Buy. HODL. DRS. Shop. Vote.

Soon may the tendieman come.

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