Man, if superstonk was an investment firm, I’d be terrified

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Credit goes to u/ PG_713 for the below writeup.

Man, if superstonk was an investment firm, I’d be terrified. And I’d be a thousand times more terrified if I was on the opposite side of its bet.

It’s like an entity, but it isn’t. Like there was this firm with thousands of self-motivated researchers. Like it’s a firm that replenishes its unrestricted cash every two weeks, and it consistently publishes its own research and ruthlessly vets it all on the same exact minute it was posted.

It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and if 4 more days were suddenly added in a week, it would still be putting in the hours too, without extra pay, and even if they’re all holidays.

It is terrifying to imagine for anyone to go against it and go between this firm and its gains — that firm which has unlimited capital, unlimited energy, unlimited time, and unlimited morale…

And it still keeps on growing.

Shit’s got eyes everywhere even in places as obscure as Luxembourg. That “firm”, right now, as we speak, is singlehandedly slowly owning the entire float of a highly shorted company that the big firms have ganged on. You can’t find its core because it doesn’t exist, but its eyes will show up almost anywhere it wants to when it needs to find something.

Actually, it’s even more terrifying that it is just individual investors doing their own individually arrived at conclusions. Had this been a single entity or person, a negotiation or even an assassination would have already happened to stop it.

But this “thing” only feels like a market force that exists, yet it doesn’t. You can’t grasp it. You can’t sue it. You can’t negotiate with it. Let alone, you can’t even beg for its mercy.

You can only feel its presence and how it’s out to take you and all your money and send you to jail on its way, and it will do all of that while laughing at the stories of your divorce and private dinners and a thousand other jokes at your expense.

There’s a new player in the game, it’s out to get you, and you can’t even grasp its form.

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