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Thought Leaders
Marshall Goldsmith

I didn’t like the reviews. He says mojo (aka the feeling of self-worth) is rooted in achievement, recognition, and acceptance. That makes no sense and is counter-productive: recognition cannot possibly be a motivating factor. The rest makes even less sense.

Seth Godin

Godin is the author of many books. Free Prize Inside was a Forbes Business Book of the Year in 2004,[14] while Purple Cow sold over 150,000 copies in more than 23 print runs in its first two years.[15] The Dip was a Business Week and New York Times bestseller;[16][17] Business Week also named Linchpin among its “20 of the best books by the most influential thinkers in business” on November 13, 2015.[18]

Markus Buckingham

SRI acquired The Gallup Organization in 1988, and took on the Gallup name.[6] As part of Gallup, Buckingham became a member of a team working on a survey that measured a broad range of factors that contribute to employee engagement. Based on those surveys and on interviews with thousands of managers, Buckingham published (with coauthor Curt Coffman) First, Break All the Rules (Simon and Schuster, 1999). According to its subtitle, the book describes “what the world’s greatest managers do differently” The book became a New York Times best-seller[7] and has over a million copies in print. It was also chosen by Jack Covert and Todd Sattersten as one of “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time” in their book of the same name.

Stephen Covey

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – doesn’t make sense to me, sorry. Wayyy too religious as well.

Personally, I think the trick to success is overcoming human condition: we all err in predictable ways, we are all lazy and close-minded, and breaking out of these fallacies is the step towards success. But saying oh, plan weekly rather than daily, like Covey does, isn’t even an insight. It’s a distraction.

Therefore, my top authors from this list are:

  • Markus Buckingham, “First, Break All the Rules” – a great book, it’s on my bookshelf (winner!)
  • I will read what Seth Godin is saying, but I don’t have an opinion on him yet.


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