Bed Bath & Beyond Warns It May Go Out of Business

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with some additional commentary by me

This is sad for us, retailers. We dont want Amazon devouring the entire physical (and digital) economy. We don’t want Wall St devouring Main St.

What happens is that operating normally is just not profitable. Amazon took all the brick and mortar shops out of business – but Amazon’s physical store itself is not profitable, either. Only their AWS branch (digital services) has been profitable lately. So in this “everything squeeze,” it appears more and more that normal operations are not profitable, for anybody.

And if a business entity finds a way to be profitable, the market adjusts quickly (weeks? months? years?) to reduce margins to near-zero, and profit disappears again. Of course, the question is: what do we do now? And how to operate in such conditions? And that, my friends, will be a topic for a future lengthy article (or several).

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