Follow the 741 Brick Road – on Tuesdays

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Updated. Regarding Gamestop price action. Technical Analysis (I can’t believe it)

u/Sherbonbon writes:

Ok so look at this month.

The 1st day of the month started on a sunday and the saturdays line up as the 7th and 14th neatly on the right side of the calendar. Well if you check this only happens if you go back precisely every 9 months (RC’s baby tweet?).

If you take every second tuesday of that month it will be tuesday the 10th

every tuesday the 10th correlates without fail to the end of an abrupt downtrend into an abrupt uptrend.

I know I sometimes smoke too much tinfoil for my own good but the pattern has hit 3/3 times. IMO that cannot be a cohencidence. Its a specific date that follows a specific outcome every single time. Go try it for youselves. I dont know what this means but I do know that if we see a rip in the near future then that only adds more evidence to the theory. I think the more apes dig into this the more we will find. It would be pretty ironic for us to finally figure out 741 right before we launch but I honestly wouldnt have it any other way. If you find something pass it along. I have a feeling if this is correct we are going to start decyphering the other patterns quickly.

So as I was writing up the post I realized something. The second tuesday of these months are the end of the downtrend and the 4th tuesday (two weeks later) is the beginning of the uptrend! So every 4th tuesday of these months are days we rip!

TLDRS: 741 is correlated to specific dates that outline clear patterns of trend reversals. My theory is that the dates 1/10/2023, 5/10/2022, 8/10/2021 and 11/10/2020 are all the dates that the downtrend ends and every 4th tuesday (two weeks later than those dates) GME rips.

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