Fednow and some commentary on the July transition to a digital dollar

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There’s a shift in the force, we need more eyes on this

By u/  Brojinacus :

I recently came into awareness of the FedNow program, and it led me down a rabbit hole. There’s something going on in the US Treasury. I can’t quite put it to words, but we need more eyes on this.

Recently, the federal debt clock changed it’s calculation from “federal reserve dollars” to “US Treasury dollars”. That’s a small but significant shift in wording. Usdebtclock.org gets it’s api info directly from the US Treasury.

There has also been a global exit from the US dollar as a global reserve currency. I think that’s because the actual US dollar is changing definitions right under our noses.

Here is it:

The federal reserve controls paper money. Congress controls the federal reserve.

The US Treasury is rolling out FedNow, which is going to incorporate a digital dollar. This will render the federal reserve useless and greatly affect congresses ability to affect monetary policy.

Secretary of treasury made announcements on March 28 and March 30 hinting at a solution to the United States financial problems.

On April 6th the US Treasury announced a strategic operating plan. Page 80 is particularly interesting.

Executive branch also issued funds to the IRS for new hires.

I think Fednow is that proposed solution, and the IRS will run Fednow and roll out the United States digital dollar through it. And they will be able to view all of our finances, and halt purchases in an instant. For any reason.

I also found an interesting document from the US Treasury titled “Description of extraordinary measures”. I think line item 1.B. is important

One time measure available last day of June. It looks like the Treasury can pull 143 billion from federal reserve pensions and reinvest it. I may not understand that correctly, but it lines up with Fednow launching in july. Link below

There was also some concerning wording on page 78 of the US Treasury action plan. It regards differential tax rates based on demographics and race

Links below

March 28:


March 30:


April 6:


Us Treasury strategic plan, read objective 4 on page 80:


Us Treasury “extraordinary measures”


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